Whole-grain lifestyle with less salt

Excessive salt consumption is a global health issue, which is directly associated with diseases of public health significance of the heart, brain and kidneys. The problem is that most people usually do not even have an idea of the amount of salt they consume by eating different processed foods. This is why it is our objective to reduce the salt content in our Vita breads and now the salt content is over 25% less than the average salt content for this type of bread. Because health is our mission and whole-grain flour is its basis, however, this is not enough to guarantee health.
Here are some recommendations that can help you reduce salt consumption in your daily life.
• Choose foods that are either not processed or that have undergone minimum processing.
• Eat more fruit and vegetables. They contain very small quantities of sodium and are rich in potassium, which reduces the harmful impact of the high amount of sodium in the organism.
• Always prefer fresh meat over meat products, fresh fish over canned or smoked fish and fresh vegetables over canned ones.
• Eat the nuts raw.
• Soak brined cheese in water for some time in order to reduce the salt content.
• Use plant-based spices, lemon and vinegar for seasoning. These improve the taste of food and will help you reduce the salt content.
• Try the food before putting salt on it. About 20% of Bulgarians usually put salt before trying their food.
• Choose products with reduced salt content. All whole-grain Vita bread varieties are a wonderful and healthy option, which guarantees that you will reduce salt consumption from bread by 25%.