How to make whole-grain food attractive for children

We all believe that whole-grain food is much healthier than refined food, because it contains a lot more nutrients. By consuming not just the pure carbohydrate in the grain, but also the germ, which is full of beneficial fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and the hull, which is rich in…, we add not only benefits, but also taste to our nutrition. We just need to pass that on to our children and teach them to feel motivated, healthy, happy and confident when they open their lunch box at school.

• Explain to them – children are curious and love to be treated as equals. They would be much more motivated to eat their whole-grain breakfast if they know why they do it and where the different taste comes from. Sooner or later they will learn to like it.

• Lead by example – it is important for children to see that you are also convinced that eating whole-grain foods is tasty and healthy for you. You know, they always want to mimic the adults :)

• Start with more balanced varieties of whole-grain foods. It is not a good idea to offer 100% whole-grain bread with crushed grains in it if your child has only eaten white bread made of refined flour so far. The softer Vita Balance bread, which is also whole-grain, contains 60% whole-grain flour and is a wonderful choice if you want to provide the benefits of the whole grains to your children by choosing a softer and balanced variety of bread.

• Involve them in making their whole-grain breakfast or school lunch – cooking together can be very a motivating and fulfilling experience building healthy habits.

• Do not set boundaries to yourself – parents often pass their habits or bias to their children and often explain their lack of willingness to make an effort with the expectation that the child will not like it, that he or she will refuse to eat it or will stay hungry. Do not underestimate your child, but make your first whole-grain sandwich together with the favourite ingredients of your child, serve it beautifully decorated in a pleasant environment and tell him or her how healthy and strong he or she will become and… Follow the example!