Breakfast on the grass


Put 800 g of canned chickpeas, 4 tablespoon of sesame tahini, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of sea salt and the juice of ½ lemon in a deep mixing pan. Blend everything well until you obtain a homogeneous mixture, put in a serving bowl and pour 6 tablespoons of olive oil seasoned with red pepper.

Spicy mushrooms

Heat butter and some olive oil for frying in a pan and add 200 g of sliced mushrooms, salt, black pepper, sliced garlic and thyme. Fry until golden without stirring too much. Serve in a separate bowl or on the prepared hummus.

Whole-grain crostini

Arrange slices of whole-grain Vita Silhouette bread with 6 grains and Vita Balance bread with 9 super grains in a baking pan, sprinkle with olive oil and season with pepper mix and sea salt. Put rosemary sprigs and whole unpeeled slightly squeezed garlic cloves. Bake until golden.

Herbal mozzarella

Sprinkle olive oil on 2 mozzarella balls or the equivalent quantity of mini mozzarella and cover with finely chopped parsley and chives. Serve in a small bowl.