Reduced salt content

No colouring agents

Live active sourdough

The power of seeds in the everyday bread

60% whole grain breads

100% whole grain, dietary breads

Rich in fiber

Suitable for for active people

Rich in plant-based proteins


The power of grains

in just one loaf of bread

Vita is based on WHOLE GRAIN FLOUR, which combines the benefits, taste and energy of the whole grain the way it has been created by nature, in a perfect balance.



Guarantees for health

Guarantees for health


In order to create the new VITA

We combined our uncompromising attempt to use only the best natural and nutritious ingredients by combining super grains and seeds in the bread recipes.

VITA Balance

The strength of the grain in the daily bread. 60% whole-grain bread.

VITA Silhouette

Diet and taste in one. 100% whole-grain and dietary bread.

VITA Fitness

Protein power of seeds. 100% whole-grain bread.


Wholegrain lifestyle

How to make whole-grain food attractive for children?

We all believe that whole-grain food is much healthier than refined food, because it contains a lot more nutrients. We just need to pass that on to our children and teach them to feel motivated, healthy, happy and confident when they open their lunch box at school.

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